• Dear Julie, I value the service that your operatives, George (manager) and B.P.S. give to us at Engineers Australia, and so all our employees. Excellent service and standards, and very friendly staff, Vlad is fantastic!. I would recommend Budget Property Service to anyone looking for a good cleaning service, reliable company and realistic prices. Many thanks. – Engineers Australia.


  • Hi Julie, everyone was excited as B.P.S. was about to start with us as the chosen cleaning company to replace our previous one ... On the very first day ... surprise, surprise !! .. was like we moved to new offices. Everyone is really pleased with Budget Property Services, their staff and the standards; as our chief executive said; "you guys really make the difference out there"; Thank you for the excellent services. --  H.Lipscombe   Catholic Administrative Office. Canberra / Goulburn


  • Dear George, Thank you so much for making our offices looking so lovely and clean. We are very lucky that your company and staff put such caring and effort into what your work.  Many thanks for your efforts - Many thanks again, from a very satisfied customer. – Sue, Catalyst Interactive - Defence


  • Julie, I would just like to pass on my thanks for the superb job you and your team did. I new my office needed cleaning, but it was only after seeing the results that I now appreciate just how bad it was! Everyone in the office has commented and we still can't believe that the floor in the kitchen was ever that colour. I would have no trouble in recommending B.P.S. Cleaning to anyone. John – Auswide Trading Manufacturers Agents - Canberra


  • To Budget Property Services I just wanted to say how pleased we are here at Sellsoft - Canberra, with the quality of the cleaning services provided by B.P.S.. A cleaning company in the market with probably one of the best cleaning standards and where we can see Managers directly involved on the cleaning duties - a really hands-on-approach philosophy; Many thanks" -  John SellSoft - Canberra.


1-B.P.S. Guaranties Professionalism, Reliability

Professionalism , Reliability & Vast Experience are our strengths and what sets us to stand out from other companies in a very competitive and big market of cleaning industry.

B.P.S. Cleaning Service is a commercial & Industrial cleaning service with an outstanding reputation for quality cleaning and integrity throughout Canberra / Queanbeyan & regional centres. We are based in Canberra but our services extend to all  areas with a wide range of tailored cleaning and related services.


2-B.P.S. Guaranties Satisfaction

To guarantee the highest level of cleaning services, we utilize quality control programs which include onsite inspections. We constantly monitor our work and should any area fail to meet our strict cleaning standards, it will be corrected immediately. And we always listen to our clients and encourage customer communication and use their input to heighten our level of cleaning services.


3-B.P.S. Cleaning Services Guaranties using of Environmentally Friendly Products

Environmentally friendly products are made from natural ingredients that have very few side effects. The advantages of environmentally products leans not only towards us but towards nature as well, which means the products are good for humans to use, and the products break down in the environment when they have been discarded.